25 NOVEMBER, 2016: With Australians set to spend more than $48.1 billion in retail stores over the Christmas trading period from November 14 to December 24 2016, Roy Morgan’s Young Australians Survey has predicted the hottest-selling gifts for kids this Christmas.

With the increasing pressure for parents and Santa to get the perfect gift, Roy Morgan’s Young Australian Survey measures around 3,000 young respondents each year to ensure retailers have what young consumers want.

“It’s all about brands and electronics this Christmas, kids want the best of the best and will settle for nothing less,” says ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman.

“Year on year we see ‘cool’ products come and go, however the brand remains the same, and this research shows that Apple is still number one and two on the kids Christmas wish list.”

Apple electronics top the ‘cool list’ with 69% of children voting the iPad as the best gift this Christmas, closely followed by 54% of children thinking the iPhone will be a nice stocking surprise.

These technologies are more favourable to girls than boys, with 71% of girls wishing for an iPad compared to 68% of boys. Similarly, the iPhone is more popular with girls, with 59% of girls more interested in this gift compared to the 50% of boys who consider this product a ‘must have’.

Boys take the charge in the last 8 categories with 53% of boys finding computers (including laptops and tablets) ‘really cool’ compared to 51% of girls, putting them in third place.

We head back to basics for the fourth coolest gift with 54% of boys wishing for Lego/Lego games under their Christmas tree, while only 32% of girls would see this as a delight.

Brands still show a strong presence in the last six products, with Nerf Guns, The Simpsons, Nike, PlayStation 4, Star Wars and Harry Potter being rated as a cool Christmas gift for 35%-40% of Australian kids.

“It’s not surprisingly that digital devices would be well received,” says Mr Zimmerman, “as we have seen electronic sales figures increase year on year.”

“With children gifts set to account for a big slice of Christmas sales this year, it will pay dividends for Australian retailers to take note of the kids Christmas wish lists.”


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