6 JANUARY 2017: With the school holidays drawing to a close in a few weeks, retailers across Australia are packing the shelves with back to school products. The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) expects school shoes, uniforms, backpacks, lunchboxes and stationery purchases to peak in the coming weeks, as parents prepare their kids for the new school year.

The ARA expects many stores and shopping centres to shift their focus from the festive season to back to school supplies this month, as it is their biggest trading period of the year for these product categories.

ARA Executive Director, Russell Zimmerman says retailers providing apparel, footwear, stationary and technology will see a big boost in sales this month with the first day back at school rapidly approaching.

“The start of the new year is a milestone for each student around the country, and the purchases associated with back to school products are crucial to many small and large retailers,” he said.

“With the increased use of technology in our education system and more schools implementing ‘Bring Your Own Devices’, electronic retailers will likely see a surge in sales for laptops, tablets and other electronic learning accessories.”

Mr Zimmerman says although the cost of stocking up kids for the classroom can add up, savvy parents who are organised and seek out the best deals can minimise the pinch when it comes to purchasing these necessary items.

“Every year we see an increase in back to school supplies online,” Mr Zimmerman said, “And with many parents now back at full time or part time work, online platforms provide parents with the convenience and flexibility they need to prepare their children for the new school year.”

As the school year starts in late January, the ARA encourages those parents still in holiday mode to relax and enjoy the shopping experience, especially with post-Christmas discounts continuing right throughout the month.

“The next big discounting period after January will be mid-year sales in June, so I would encourage shoppers to spend their time in physical stores, enjoying the full customer experience and significant savings across the board,” said Mr Zimmerman.

The ARA and Roy Morgan Research predicts that shoppers will spend $17.2 billion nationwide, in the post-Christmas sales during the period from December 26, 2016 to January 15, 2017.


For interview opportunities with ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman call: The ARA Media Line T: 0439 612 556

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